As a practitioner that places a great deal of emphasis on strength, from time to time I come across another colleague or practitioner who can capitalize on the scenario that even inspires me.  I’d like for those of you who follow this blog, to read what strength truly is.  My friend and accomplished practitioner is a martial arts specialists that I admire greatly his name is Mike Gillette.

Ever had a battle in your mind over what you’re doing and what you know you SHOULD do?

Ever struggle over what you should do when it’s different from what you WANT to do?

The relationship between what we want to do and what we should (or should not) do illuminates the presence or absence of Personal STRENGTH in our lives.

Although Strength may seem like something permanent, it is often a fleeting thing.

We are only as strong as our last strong choice.

I repeat…

We Are Only As Strong As Our Last Strong Choice.

And if that last strong choice is a distant memory, then so is your Strength.

When you look at someone who you consider to be strong, you are actually looking at a paradox.

You might see a person who appears to embody power or a collection of achievements and presume that this is all because they possess the quality we call Strength.

But strength is not an internal quality or external attribute.

It is, instead, a by-product of accumulation.

It is only through the accumulation of choices, Strong Choices, that a person reveals the presence of Strength in their own life.

So where’s the paradox?

The paradox is in our own understanding of the Strong people in our midst.

Although a strong person may seem impervious to The Forces of Weakness all around them, in actuality they are not.

Only a person who prioritizes making strong choices will realize just how many weak choices surround them all the time!

Whenever you are faced with the prospect of making a Strong Choice, you are likewise forced to consider the contrasting Weak Alternative.

The temptation to make weak choices is just as great for a strong person as it is for anyone else.

Herein lies the less obvious and more humbling aspect of the pursuit of strength.

For people who follow the path of least resistance and make choices based upon expedience or comfort, no such self-examination is necessary.


Because weak choices are easy.

They don’t require any struggle. And, in many cases, weak choices are the more attractive choice to make.

Strength, like Weakness, is cumulative.

It is both a habit and an end state.

The pursuit of Strength (in all its forms) becomes easier the more it is practiced.

But it never becomes so easy that it can completely displace weakness.

This is why, ultimately, Strength itself is a struggle.

A struggle to attain and a struggle to keep.

Because of this, Strength has enormous VALUE. A value that cannot be overestimated and should never be taken for granted.

How Strong Are You?

As Strong as your last Strong Choice. THAT’s how strong you really are.

So Choose Strength For Your Self.

Right NOW, and in every moment.

Then Keep Choosing It.

Yes, you will struggle. But that’s a good thing. If it were easy, everyone would be strong.

The more you continue to choose Strength, the more you set your self apart from weakness.

The more you Choose Strength, the more Strong and Powerful you Become.

Mike Gillette


It was tough finding stability, that is, a secure place to stay to continue with my studies, but I finally found a beautiful affordable apartment.  A tough thing to find within the city.  However I’m a city dweller type and not a suburbanite,  so I’m blessed to get the security to finish my studies at an online university in Denver, Colorado.

I’ve practiced health and fitness for many years in my own self practice with my own health, and I’ve acquired a host of clientele to keep me going while I worked to finish my studies at the University of the Rockies.  As of July of this year I’m finally done with an MA in Psychology and Sports Performance.  It is now time to put it all together to go out and assign myself to the push of health promotion in the studio where I workout of on Capital Hill.

It feels great to be done as we continue with the movement from the thought of many years with the thought in mind of helping aging individuals to get away from the old world thoughts of living with lifestyle disease.

“I still need more healthy rest in order to work my best. My health is the main capital I have and I want to administer it intelligently.”

Ernest Hemingway

When I arrived in Las Vegas it took about 30 days to find work.  This was June 2008, when I had not realized that there was a recession on however I found security work in an off the strip casino, Ellis Island.  I was let go of my job after a year.  Inclusively I lost my apartment and I slept in my car for three months.  I ended up in the hospital dehydrated and sick from food poisoning for 14 days.  When I was released from the hospital my car had been towed, due to an expired plate, which I had no money to get it back, so I headed for the Veteran’s Administration Office.  They set me up at the Salvation Army and later I was rescued by US Vet’s, transitional housing for Vet’s on the down stroke.

I remained at US Vet’s for six months found more work, saved a little money, and took a flight up to Seattle to see if life would be better there.  I loved it as I interviewed, passed around the resume and when I went back to Las Vegas I packed my bags and headed up the coast line to Seattle in the next 4 weeks.  I tried very hard to get something going in terms of business but it just wasn’t going to happen in Las Vegas.  Vegas is where I started my Graduate Program in Exercise Sports Science but had to drop out due to illness mentioned in the previous paragraph.  I did get a lot of training in while residing in Las Vegas, but I surely needed to get out of the desert.

I am not afraid…I was born to do this.

Joan of Arc

I left Detroit, Michigan my hometown on May 30th 2008.  This beginning mode of travel in my car pushed me on to Las Vegas after spending one year in Southern Baghdad, Irag on a civilian job working for an engineering firm out of Houston, Texas.  The assignment ended in December of 2007.

The trip took three days.  No hotel stays I slept in my car on the highway, and in neighborhoods once I reached the Rocky Mountains outside of Denver, Colorado.  I’ll tell you if you ever get to travel across country please do not hesitate to see the mountain range at the point of Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Nevada because there is where you will witness the purple mountains majesty.  It is a sight to be hold as your pride will exude you knowing that you are an American and this great country is your homeland.

All of the training that I’ve done in the gym has kept me whole and aware of maintaining a decent eating style since my early thirty’s.  Prior to that time life seemed to be a bit confusing not knowing who I was and not knowing what to do with my life as a young man.  Now at full adulthood I guess I’ve got a solid footing so off to the coastal region I went.  You know the old saying when in wonderment go west young man.

It has been awhile since we’ve posted.  One month to the day I just finished an MA in Psychology and Sports Performance.  Schooling has been the delay in the posting of information here on the CGroup Fan Page.

It is so good to be done with school so that I can get back to coaching and assisting others with improvement of their lives and training.  The purpose for training is the foremost reason that it is done, and should be done for the status of self-esteem and self efficacy so that you as well can go on to give others the best of your own talent and skills.

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There are two sides to strength as if the word itself sits on a fence, and it does sit on the fence until you as an individual does something with it, in terms of its development.  

Did you know that it is your subconscious mind that determines what you do on a regular basis with your activities?  You work or you sit on a stump and wonder what is the key too life?  When you ask the sensei what is the key to life or development and he says sweep (The Movie, “The Karate Kid.”)  Do you know what I’m talking about? 

There is discipline that is applied, but discipline can only be applied when you know and understand the basics of any endeavor.  When the basics are applied, then planning and results become second nature.  The practice of acquiring strength happens with both the body, and then the subconscious mind is changed so that the conscious mind can now begin to make progress going forward.     

Stay tuned and ride with Challenge Group Health and Fitness as we look forward to progress!

Strength, the apparent dream of human existence that appears to have it’s own direct inertia.  In the beginning our bodies get stronger with possibility.  When humans get to the prime of there lives, when life is the most fun, the individual reaches the top of the mountain with wisdom, and then, it’s all down hill it seems.

The future holds that farms will be maintained and worked via great machines, and tech factories will be processed by robotic technologies.  The next big subjective revamping thought for us is to rebuild ourselves and begin to restructure the subjective mind, from the thought process of 20th Century thinking, that housed the industrial age, to the now information technological age.

There is only us to maintain ourselves for future talented endeavors, to take our talents onto new horizons so that we can communicate the change that is apparent that will forever make us as free as want to be.  Doctors cannot maintain our health integrity.  It is up to us.  Learn to strength train and maintain and promote the personality that was gifted to you.  You must begin to restructure your body structure, and to believe in training to get strong.

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